Wood Floor Colours – White, Grey & Beyond

Colour is key in any design scheme. Your wood floors are no exception. Fortunately, wood floors are available in a vast array of shades. These range from natural tones to more distinctive colours. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular wood floor colours and how to find the right fit for your home.

Light vs dark wood flooring

First and foremost, wood floors come in a selection of natural shades. This sometimes depends on the species of wood being used. For instance, oak is naturally quite light, compared to the darker quality of walnut. On the other hand, cherry wood flooring has a unique red tone.

That said, it can also depend on the finish. Many people prefer oak flooring because of its superior strength and durability. By using the right stain, they can pair the natural qualities of oak with a darker colour.

Generally speaking, light wood floors work well in darker rooms, while dark wood floors are best paired with lighter designs.

Grey wood floors

Grey has emerged as one of the most popular wood floor colours in the past few years. Why? It works perfectly with the clean white features found in many homes. Whether it’s the cupboards and appliances in the kitchen or the porcelain in the bathroom, grey combines monochrome style with the natural beauty of wood.

There’s even more variety within that, as you can choose between a selection of wood floor colours ranging from airy light grey to bolder dark grey tones. Dark grey is great for a deep, moody look, while light grey is popular in modern design schemes.

White wood floors

Whether it’s solid wood or engineered, white wood floors are the ultimate option for an airy, spacious design. The white colour beautifully complements the natural grain of the wood, while maintaining a subtle, understated quality.

That makes it a great wood floor colour for modern, minimalist designs. Slightly off-white wood flooring can also be used for a beach house style, which looks great in conservatories and coastal homes.

While you can use white oak, which is naturally a light grey colour, the best results come from a white finish, applied to a wood flooring of your choice.

Choosing the right wood floor colour

At Greyspace Flooring, we offer a comprehensive selection of wood floor colours. Whether you want a clean white, dark grey or natural oak colour, we have plenty of examples in our Sheffield showroom to help you make the right choice.

If you’re still unsure on which colour you’d like, our team provides a convenient sanding and staining service on site at your property. That way, you can see wood floor colours in situ before choosing the perfect option.

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