Our flooring costs explained.

How We Price

When pricing an installation, we have to take various things into account…


1. Shape and size of area

The shape and size of a room or rooms can make a significant difference to the cost of installation. Large open plan areas often work out less per M2 as our installers can work efficiently and get the flooring down faster. In contrast, typically hallways work out more per M2 as they are small awkward spaces to work in and often contain more complication cuts and doorways for our installers to deal with.


2. State of subfloor

The more prep work required for us to undertake to the subfloor will impact the overall price. This can be tricky to work out when quoting as the subfloor is often covered by the old floor covering and it is not always obvious to us how much work is required to make the floor suitable for a real wood floor.

Other Fixtures and Fittings

3. Other fixtures and fittings

Other things in a room such as skirting, architraves, hearths, kitchen and any other fixed units will impact the installation cost as each item will need the installer to work around and add a little more time to the job.


4. What product is chosen

Obviously the cost of the wood flooring can vary depending on the product selected, but you also need to consider what final floor seal is being used on the floor. Lacquers for example are harder wearing but add more cost to the floor if they are applied on site.

Everything we do we try to offer the highest possible service and attention to detail along with using the best quality products. A lot of time and effort has been put into researching and trying various products to find the ones we believe give the best results. This means not only the wood flooring itself but the adhesives, tools, oils/lacquers and investment in installer training. Using this model means we can be confident that every floor we fit will be here for many years to come.

However, this commitment to using the best of everything does mean that our pricing is likely to come in higher than other flooring providers who perhaps don’t have the same ethos. We will always do our best to work within client’s budgets and have plenty of competitively priced good quality products.

Greyspace Flooring Pricing

Although our pricing is based on many elements that cannot be fully assessed without doing a site survey we understand people want to get an idea of costs involved with installing a new floor beforehand, especially is they are budgeting for other work too.

If you want to pop into the showroom or give us a call we would be happy to give you more information on pricing once we have an idea of the type of flooring you are looking for.

As always the best way to get an accurate price is for us to site survey and provide a quotation once we have measured up. Our quotes are always free of charge.

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