Wooden parquet flooring is a perennial favourite. It is strong, long-lasting and aesthetically stunning. On top of all these benefits, it’s also impressively versatile.

As well as choosing from different wood types and finishes, parquet flooring can be laid in a number of styles. Each of these provides a distinct look and feel for your home.

In this post, we’ll look at seven of the most popular styles of parquet flooring, how they work and which is best for you.

1. Herringbone

Taking its name from the appearance of a ‘herring’s bones’, Herringbone is one of the most popular arrangements of parquet flooring. It comprises several rows of parallel and perpendicular floor panels, creating a zig zag effect. Panels can be the same colour for a uniform appearance or differ slightly in colour for a unique pattern.


2. Double Herringbone

Double Herringbone uses the same approach as Herringbone, but doubles up on panels. Panels are laid in pairs lengthways but still in a Herringbone arrangement to create a more intricate look.

3. Brick Bond

This layout takes its name from the typical layout of bricks on a building. Panels overlap one another by half their length to create a brickwork appearance. This is one of the most simple layouts both in terms of installation and appearance, delivering a more modern aesthetic.

4. Stack Bond

A stack bond arrangement uses a series of panels which are laid side to side lengthways, but overlap on their short side – or their width. This creates a less conventional appearance, which is similarly suitable for modern designs.

5. Basket Weave

A basket weave is one of the most intricate styles of parquet flooring. By incorporating squares into the design, panels take on the appearance of – you guessed it – a basket’s weave, and appear to actually overlap one another. The squares can vary in size and even contrast the colour of the panels to create a unique appearance.

6. Chevron

A chevron arrangement is similar to Herringbone in that panels are laid in rows parallel to one another. What distinguishes this design is that panels are cut to a 45-degree angle, so they create a V-shape with those laid perpendicular.


7.Versailles Panels

One of the most distinct styles of parquet flooring are Versailles Panels. Wooden pieces are arranged within a square of four longer panels to create a complete section of flooring. These sections are laid adjacent to one another to create an elaborate design on the floor.

VERSAILLES-PANELSBespoke parquet flooring

At Greyspace Flooring, we can install luxury parquet flooring to your specific requirements or preferences. Whether you’re looking for a modern Brick Bond arrangement or an intricate Basket Weave, our team has the experience and expertise to offer flawless results every time. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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