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Designing stunning floors is our passion.

Parquet Wood Flooring

Centuries of tradition have influenced the huge range of styles and patterns now available in Parquet flooring. They are the epitome of luxury flooring due to the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into making them.

Engineered Wood Flooring

The layers of plywood beneath the real wood veneer ensure the boards have more stability once installed. Where some flooring suppliers have products with very thing veneers our products have a minimum 3mm. This mean you can sand your floor between three and six times depending on the wood thickness.


We can also ensure you have all the products necessary to keep your floor looking it’s best for years to come. We stock a wide range of Tretex products, who specialize in high quality wood finishes that enhance the natural beauty of wood. Treatex hardwax oils is manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials.

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