8 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Wood Flooring in Your Home

With its rich history and unique, natural appearance, real wood flooring is a beautiful addition to any home or commercial building. It’s unmistakable, irreplaceable, and it has a number of distinct qualities for those who choose it. Read on as we look at eight reasons why wood flooring is the best choice for your stunning property.


1. Timeless

Remember when everyone wanted laminate flooring? Now it just looks dated. The same has happened over the years with all kinds of flooring. All except wood.

Wood flooring is one of the very few materials that never goes out of fashion. The same floor will look stunning and on-trend 20-30 years after it has been installed.

2. Long lasting

As well as being universally stylish over time, wood flooring has impressive longevity. It’s strong and durable, meaning it won’t be damaged by general wear and tear. Made from natural materials, the flooring can also be completely restored to revitalise its appearance and function again and again.

3. Easy to maintain

Wood flooring is easy to clean. This makes it a great for allergy sufferers as it doesn’t hoard dust and dirt like carpets. Dust, pollen, dirt, crumbs and other debris, which would be caught in a carpet’s fibres, are easily cleaned away.

4. Warm

While tiles and stone may be easy to clean, they’re also shockingly cold throughout the year.

Wood flooring tends to be much warmer under foot compared with these alternatives, providing a perfect balance between low-maintenance and comfort.

5. Valuable

It’s no surprise that estate agents will list wood floors and wood parquet flooring in a property’s description. Why? It attracts buyers, helps your home stand out and can even increase the sale price.

6. Versatile

Wood flooring can adapt to any design scheme. It’s the perfect addition to traditional, period homes but also looks the part in modern design schemes. Best of all, it can easily have its appearance changed by sanding, at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Where required, wood floors can even be given a rustic and reclaimed look to fit their surroundings.

7. Sustainable

Because it’s durable, long-lasting and versatile, real wood flooring doesn’t need replacing again and again. This makes it more eco-friendly than its alternatives. It’s also made from natural materials, which can be sustainably sourced to reduce impact on the environment.

8. Cost-effective

Because it’s long-lasting, versatile and can be easily restored, there’s no need to constantly replace wood flooring like you would with carpets, tiles or vinyl flooring. You don’t have to fork out again and again, which could save you thousands of pounds over the years.

Ready for high-quality wood flooring?

To achieve all of the benefits listed above, wood flooring needs to be high in quality and expertly installed. That’s where Greyspace Flooring comes in. We’re wood flooring specialists, providing parquet and engineered wood floors to properties across the UK.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect materials for your home, our experienced team will install your floors with flawless precision. The result? Wood floors that will look stunning for years to come.

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