Light vs Dark Wood Flooring – How to Decide

When choosing wood flooring for your home, you’re treated to a vast array of varieties, patterns and colours. But one of the most significant choices you will make is between light and dark wood flooring.

While the difference between herringbone and double herringbone is minimal, light and dark wood flooring will both have a distinct impact on your design. Both options look stunning in the right environment, but which is right for you?

Read on as we explore some of the different design schemes where light and dark wood can be used.

A rule of thumb

Contrast can be key in interior design. It adds more depth to a room and accentuates the different features. In many cases, that provides a rule of thumb for choosing between light and dark wood flooring…

Light rooms, dark floors

Rooms with light décor or a lot of natural light can carry a darker floor very well. Plenty of light will showcase the understates natural beauty of the dark floor, which will create the right balance of intimacy and openness.

Dark rooms, light floors

On the flipside, light floors usually work very well with dark interiors. They provide a focal point of the room, contrasting the dark greys and navy tones that are currently on trend. Again, that adds a bit of an airy feel to otherwise overwhelming dark rooms.

Something different

As with every rule, there are exceptions. If you want to go all out with a warm, cosy interior, a dark floor paired with dark walls can be effective. In contrast, a light floor with light colours can offer an ultra-modern aesthetic.

These options are especially effective when you’re working to understate the size of the space you’re working with. So, dark walls and dark wood floors can make a large, open space more intimate, while light walls and light wood floors can make even the smallest rooms seem that bit bigger.

What’s best for you?

Like any aspect of your home, the choice between dark and light wood flooring comes down to personal preference. Only you can decide what works best for you and your home, based on what you want to achieve in each room.

If you’re really struggling to decide – or think you might change your mind in a few years’ time – you could choose a lighter wood like oak.

Oak flooring can be stained with a dark finish or kept light with a clear oil. If you want to change things up, it can simply be sanded down and refinished to transform its appearance while maintaining the beautiful natural quality.

Help from the experts

If you want to talk more about the differences between dark and light wood flooring, we have a dedicated team of wood flooring experts on hand to help. At our showroom in Sheffield, you can see samples of our wide range of wood flooring products.

After an initial chat, our team will be happy to bring a few products to your home so you can see them in situ. Get in touch with us today to discuss things in more depth.


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