Engineered Wood Flooring

A quality, comprehensive range of engineered wood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring is the modern alternative to solid wood flooring, we would usually recommended having an engineered wood floor over a solid wood floor. Engineered boards offer more stability as they contain many layers of ply wood beneath a real wood veneer. The ply wood beneath gives the board its strength and ensures there is less chance of the boards warping or moving out of place with changes in temperature in your home or if any moisture / damp does get to the boards. If you would like more information on the benefits of engineered wood flooring please give us a call or pop into our showroom.

Our commitment to bringing the highest quality flooring products to Sheffield meant we have put in hundreds of hours researching and visiting suppliers across the country. This has resulted in us stocking a superb range of flooring with a mix of some well-known brands such as Ted Todd and Havwoods as well as some of our own carefully chosen suppliers.

We have hundreds of different products displayed in our showroom ranging from modern / contemporary finishes to a more traditional distressed look. Even if you can’t find something that suits you from our display range in the showroom we have huge back catalogue of flooring products that can be ordered in, usually within a week.


Engineered Wood Flooring Finishes

We understand that picking the finish or colour for your new wood floor is a big decision and can totally change the look of a room. By fitting an unfinished wooden floor, we can apply a few test sample colours once the floor has been installed to give you a more informed decision before you commit to the final finish.

At Greyspace we offer some bespoke finishes that you can tailor to your interior in just a few easy steps.

1. Pick your block/ board

Whether you want a parquet or boarded floor our unfinished real wood floors are available in a couple of different styles. Choose a tumbled block or board for a more rustic look or a straight edge for a clean modern look.

2. Pick your size

Our parquet blocks and boards are available in various sizes whether you want engineered or solid. Larger boards and blocks lend themselves better to larger more open spaces, whereas the smaller blocks or narrower boards are more suited to small spaces such as hallways.

3. Book a quotation

We are happy to offer free quotations to customers looking to get an accurate idea of costs. Call 0114 258 1256 or visit our showroom.

4. Choose your colour

Pick a colour you think would suit your interior design or taste. Once we have an idea of the sort of colour you are after we can pick out some samples to show you in your home.

See below some images of the floor finishes we offer. These images are just to give you some ideas of what we can offer, the samples are better viewed in our showroom to be sure they are what you are looking for.


Chalk – this finish is light in colour which will brighten any room


Sand – a light finish that tries to stick as close as possible to the natural unfinished look of oak


Transparent – a warm natural look that highlights the beautiful grain and variations in the wood


Iron – a grey grain that goes great with a lighter interior


Satin Lacquer – light finish that will brighten a room, a lacquer has the added benefit of being very durable


Engineered oak finished with a grey tone hardwax oil.


Papyrus – a stronger grey tone across the whole board gives a more uniformed look


Clay – one of our best sellers and personal favourites, gives the warm tones between the grain along with a grey tint in the grain


Smoked oak – ideal for a rustic look in an older property


Black – similar to the smoked oak with a very dark grain


Wenge – a dark red walnut tone


Sucupira – a lighter red tone

Pre-finished Engineered Oak Boards

Pre-finished boards are floor boards that have a stain / finish on them before they are installed and offer a great finished product without the need to sand and finish on site


Natural hardwax oil finish, one of our top products. Looks great in modern or traditional interiors


Brushed and lacquered, a very natural finish with added durability


Smoked oak, these boards are treated in a smoking chamber to give them a darker finish that also highlights variations in the boards


Medieval oak – this product is perfect for period properties or traditional interior designs. The boards come in a mixed or uniformed width with and undulating surface and long lengths. This product is also available in different colours


Old English boards – these boards are available in a mixed or uniformed width and have ‘ripped’ edges to give added age to the product. These boards are available in different colours


Achray – this smoked oiled boarded comes with splits and knots filled with a dark filler to give a more rustic look to the product


Hand scraped lacquer – this product has an undulating service which gives a rustic look along with a dark stain


Iced Tea – this product has a white oil finish prefect for a modern / contemporary interior


Earl grey – a light grey tone between the grain with a white grain


Gunpowder – a dark grey oil that would look great in light interiors or rooms with plenty of natural light

Interested In Engineered Wood Flooring?

For a quote or free expert advice please get in touch with our team today. Call us or visit our showroom in Sheffield.

View Examples Of Our Installations

See below some examples of flooring we have completed but we would suggest you pop into our showroom to see our full range and discuss which floor would be right for you.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered oak finished with a grey tone hardwax oil.

Engineered Wood Flooring Sheffield

Engineered oak distressed finished with Old English stain

Engineered Wood Flooring Installation

Engineered oak finished with a clear hardwax oil

Engineered Oak Flooring

Smoked oak finished with a clear hardwax oil

Why Choose Greyspace Flooring

At Greyspace Flooring we are proud to be engineered wood flooring specialists. If you are looking for excellent quality, a comprehensive range of flooring options and for expert advice from a friendly team, you are in the right place.


We search high and low throughout the UK and beyond to source the best quality products for our customers.


All of the installation methods, materials and tools we use are purely to give our customers a floor that will last for many years to come


We constantly strive to provide a unique collection of wood flooring options. With so many options to choose from we really can cater to any style and interior design.

Interested In Engineered Wood Flooring?

For a quote or free expert advice please get in touch with our team today. Call us or visit our showroom in Sheffield.

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