Hardwood flooring is one of the top flooring choices in the UK. Not only is it strong, long-lasting and a classic, on top of all these benefits, it’s also impressively versatile.


As well as being able to choose from a vast range of different wood types and finishes, parquet flooring can be laid in a number of way to suit your personal and property style. 


Read on to find out the top 5 most popular styles of parquet flooring.

1. Herringbone

Taking its name from the appearance of a ‘herring’s bones’, Herringbone is one of the most popular arrangements of parquet flooring. It comprises several rows of parallel and perpendicular floor panels, creating a zig zag effect. Panels can be the same colour for a uniform appearance or differ slightly in colour for a unique pattern.

2. Double Herringbone

Double Herringbone uses the same approach as Herringbone, but doubles up on panels. Panels are laid in pairs lengthways but still in a Herringbone arrangement to create a more intricate look.

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3. Brick Bond

This layout takes its name from the typical layout of bricks on a building. Panels overlap one another by half their length to create a brickwork appearance. This is one of the most simple layouts both in terms of installation and appearance, delivering a more modern aesthetic.

4. Chevron

A chevron arrangement is similar to Herringbone in that panels are laid in rows parallel to one another. What distinguishes this design is that panels are cut to a 45-degree angle, so they create a V-shape with those laid perpendicular.


5.Versailles Panels

One of the most distinct styles of parquet flooring are Versailles Panels. Wooden pieces are arranged within a square of four longer panels to create a complete section of flooring. These sections are laid adjacent to one another to create an elaborate design on the floor.


Looking for something more bespoke?

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