We all know hardwood flooring is famous for being durable, long-lasting and beautiful. But what many people aren’t aware of is the health benefits hardwood flooring has within your property.


Read on for our top are our top 5 health benefits hardwood flooring has.


Hardwood flooring in known to be more hygienic than other types of flooring. The smooth and fibre free surface prevents the collection of dust, odours, mites and bacteria. 

As a result of this, hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for homes with people who suffer from respiratory illnesses and other allergies. 



Hardwood flooring is very easy to maintain and clean. Unlike carpets where dust and bacteria clings deep within the fibres, making it almost impossible to clean as well as hardwood flooring.


With hardwood flooring you have piece-of-mind, that once it has been hovered or swept and mopped with a microfibre mop and wood cleaner, you can be assured the flooring is actually clean. 


Absorbs Carbon:

Hardwood flooring has been proven to improve air quality in the building it is installed, as real wood absorbs carbon, this helps in maintaining a healthy air balance in your home. 




Hardwood flooring is one of the least toxic and safest options of flooring to have installed within your property. Studies show other flooring options such as carpets, vinyl and laminate have a variety of toxic chemicals involved within the manufacturing process, thus making them more harmful to humans and pets. These toxins also reduce the air quality within a home, as they easily harbour dust and bacteria.



Greyspace Flooring recognise the importance of sustainability, which is why we source and use sustainable wood for our hardwood flooring, that is FSC Certified. 


Sustainable wood is sourced from sustainable forests. Forest stewards are the caretakers of these forests and they grow, harvest and process its wood, ensuring in the process the landscape is kept intact and its world’s ecosystem remains healthy for both plants, wildlife and us. 



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