Deciding what type of hardwood flooring to choose can be a daunting task, not only is it quite the investment for your property, but there are endless choices from the type of wood, the brand, thickness and layout to choose from and once this decision has been made, another important decision must be made – the colour and the finish of your flooring.


With so many colour and finish options available on the market it can be a little overwhelming where to start and to know which will be the best fit for your property and its decor.


Here at Greyspace Flooring we have a vast range of colours and finishes to choose from, which is why we have a dedicated team with years of experience, who are here to help assist you in making that choice. Not only will we help you choose something that looks amazing, but that will suit both your home and lifestyle.


We have a well stocked showroom, with many samples on display. You can also book an appointment for the team to bring some of the samples to your property to allow you find the perfect colour match for your interior. 


We all have our own styles and preferences when it comes to interior design, but the most common question when choosing the colour of hardwood flooring is: which will compliment my property the most?


Below are a few of Greyspace Flooring’s tips for the most popular choices, to help you narrow down your options and decide which colour may be right for you:

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A dark hardwood floor can suit a property with the following features:

  • Lightly decorated interiors
  • Good amounts of natural light
  • A rich interior 
  • When wanting the feel of a cosy interior
  • Large, open rooms

A light hardwood floor can suit a property with the following features:

  • Small spaces that need brightening up
  • To create a calming mood
  • Dark or brightly coloured interiors to create contrast
  • When you have textured items such as rugs/throws
  • Want to achieve a clean, minimalistic look



A grey hardwood flooring can suit a property with the following features:

  • You want to go with the latest fashion trend
  • To create contrast against bold and colourful interiors
  • Give your home a luxury feel
  • Frequently change the style of your home and would like a flooring that would match most interior styles.


When your flooring has been installed and stained in the colour of your choice, you can also opt for additional finishes on top of this. Additional finishes are becoming more popular as they provide further protection against high traffic areas and every day wear and tear.


Remember once your flooring is installed and finished, it will last you a lifetime if properly cared for and maintained.


If you’re looking for help and advice on choosing your hardwood flooring and would like more information about colours and finishes, please contact us on 0114 2581256 to book your appointment.



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