Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring options and it definitely adds the WOW factor to any home. Not only does hardwood flooring catch anyones eye from the off, it also has some great benefits such as: durability, long lifespan, healthier air quality and adding value to your property. 


Whilst a majority of Greyspace’s customer opt for coloured and protective finishes on their hardwood flooring, there are a selection of customers whom prefer to have the flooring left unfinished in its raw, natural state. The most important part of being a proud owner of hardwood flooring however, is knowing how to properly care and maintain it. 


Read on to learn Greyspace’s top tips for caring and maintaining your unfinished hardwood flooring.


1. Cleaning Routine


When is comes to unfinished hardwood flooring, it’s important to have a proper cleaning routine. Unfinished flooring is more likely to accumulate muck and dirt unlike other finished wood floorings. Having a daily cleaning routine of sweeping and mopping will prevent the build-up of unwanted muck, dirt and staining.


2. Use The Right Cleaning Products


Don’t opt for cheaper unknown floor cleaning products that can be found on the supermarket shelf, these may not have the best track record for unfinished hardwood flooring and may cause more damage than good. If you’re investing in a beautiful hardwood floor, make sure you also invest in the right products to look after it that are recommended by the professionals and have a great track record, not only for thorough cleaning but for maintaining the woods natural beauty. Greyspace Flooring highly recommend the BONA cleaning range, they have products for every type of hardwood flooring, finished or unfinished and are available from our showroom.


3.Use Gentle Cleaning Tools


Unfinished wood won’t tolerate tough or harsh cleaning. Using harsh chemicals such as bleach or scented floor cleaner will not only reduce the life-span of your flooring, but it can also cause damage such as staining and this may result in the flooring needing to be re-sanded to fix.


When cleaning the floor use either a soft bristled brush or be sure to use a hoover on the hard floor setting and only use a micro-fibre spray mop. Using a traditional mop and bucket will cause excess water that is not needed to sit on the flooring, which can result in staining of the wood.



4. Take Your Time

A lot of time and patience goes into the manufacturing and installation of the flooring, and the same time and patience should be taken when cleaning them. 



If you would like any further advise about the restoration of your hardwood flooring or how to properly maintain, feel free to contact our sales team or speak directly to the experienced installers whilst they are at your property.


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