Below is a selection of frequently asked questions we receive from our customers. If you would like any further advise on these or would like to speak to us about something not listed below, please feel free to contact our team:

Telephone: 0114 258 1256


Can I have underfloor heating?

Absolutely! During installation, the underfloor heating will be required to be turned off. Please also ensure your underfloor heating system has been tested and commissioned prior to installation of the flooring.


Can I put hardwood flooring in my kitchen or bathroom?

Hardwood flooring can be installed in any room in your home. At the flooring is a natural product is can react differently depending on its environment, so we would advise to discuss proper maintenance and care precautions prior to installation, in high moisture or high risk spillage areas. 


Do you work on commercial projects?

Yes increasingly restaurants, bars, and retail spaces are choosing hard wood or parquet flooring to finish their spaces.


Do you provide bespoke flooring?

Yes, as well as the numerous pre-finished floors we offer we can also provide a bespoke tailor finished floor to your exact specifications. 


Do you have a showroom where I can come and view samples?

Yes we do and we’re open most of the week.

Greyspace Flooring

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