Our Parquet flooring is available in either engineered wood or solid wood blocks. Both look the same on the surface but engineered blocks are best for underfloor heating. We can source various sizes of blocks unfinished which gives you the option to have a completely bespoke finish to the floor once it has been installed.

The most common species of wood used for Parquet flooring is Oak because it is hardwearing and also versatile in terms of the different finishes you can apply to it. If you are looking for something unique then a Walnut Parquet floor might be the best option with its rich red tones.




We also stock many pre finished parquet products from well known manufacturers such as Ted ToddHavwoods as well as many of our own carefully sourced suppliers. We search high and low throughout the UK and beyond to source the best quality products for our customers. With so many options to choose from we really can cater to any style and interior design.



Old English tumbled blocks – these distressed blocks can give the look of a reclaimed floor without the usual issues of installing reclaimed materials


Gare Du Nord – tumbled block with a two tone finish, grey in between that grain and white in the grain


Rovers – tumbled block with a light brown tone


Raw – straight edged block with a matt oil, gives a modern clean look to an interior


Fumed – tumbled block smoked to highlight the variation in the wood


Triple fumed – tumbled block smoked multiple times to give a darker tone


Silvered – tumbled block with a faint grey tone


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