When you hear the term parquet flooring, you automatically think of historical buildings or your old primary school hall where you did P.E and ate lunch. But the truth is, parquet flooring has been used for centuries in both private homes and commercial buildings and has never really gone out of fashion.


Parquet flooring is one of the most popular flooring options on the market, this is because of its appearance, durability and that it is now much for affordable to have installed in your home than it was many years ago.


Not only is parquet flooring stylish, it is also a very practical flooring solution. Read on to find out Greyspace’s top points you should consider parquet flooring when choosing your new flooring.


Parquet flooring is unique.

How parquet flooring is manufactured and installed means no two floors are ever the same. They can be laid in a Herringbone, Chevron, or Brick pattern, with or without a border. If you were to opt for borders, you can even add metal or wooden strips around the outside for that extra wow factor. 


The flooring can be finished in a range of colours from light to dark, with different coloured grains. So if you did ever decide to redecorate, you can sand back the flooring to its original state and change the colour of your flooring to suit your new decor.


Additional protective coatings are also available for those homes that are a little busier from children and pets. 


It will last you a lifetime.

Parquet flooring’s first known use was in the 1700’s, with some of these floorings still intact today. As parquet flooring is made from solid wood, this makes it one of the most durable and eco-friendly flooring options on the market. It rarely scratches and is more than suitable for homes with heavy traffic, it is also a popular choice with bars and restaurants.


If over the years the flooring begins to show its age, it can be easily restored back to its original state and refinished. 


Easy to maintain.


Not only is parquet flooring suitable for any home, super stylish and guaranteed to have your family and friends envious, it is also very easy to maintain and clean. 


Using a light hoover setting or a soft bristled sweeping brush to collect the dirt, all else that is needed is a micro-fibre spray mop and hardwood flooring cleaning solution. Greyspace Flooring have a wide range of BONA cleaning products available in store, that are eco-friendly and pet-friendly. 


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