Wood flooring is a truly stunning addition to any room. Bathrooms are no exception, with the natural aesthetic of the wood perfectly complementing classic white porcelain or modern chrome. However, beyond appearance, many homeowners are concerned about the practicality of wood flooring in your bathroom.

In this post, we explore why wood flooring is a wonderful option for any bathroom along with some important considerations.

Protecting your wood flooring

The most important factor with wood flooring in bathrooms is the protection on the wood. As we’re all well aware, bathrooms are unavoidably wet. Whether it’s splashes from the bath, steam from the shower or just deep cleaning all over, bathroom floors will inevitably get wet.

Without the right protection, that moisture will get into the wood which will cause it to expand. As the wood dries out, it will contract and leave your floors uneven with possible gaps. Even worse, moisture will lead to decay and even rot over time, as well as weakening the floor, leaving it susceptible to damage.

However, it’s easy to avoid these issues. By using hard wax oil or hard wood oil, applied precisely to every part of your wood flooring, you’ll be able to prevent moisture getting to the wood. That will also protect against dirt and damage that all floors incur over time.

The benefits of wood flooring for bathrooms

With the right protection, wood flooring has a variety of unparalleled benefits for your bathroom:


First and foremost, wood flooring looks incredible in a bathroom. It’s a truly timeless flooring material, meaning it doesn’t have that dated appearance of tiles or vinyl.


Because they need to be water resistant, many of the most common bathroom flooring options – like tile and stone – are breathtakingly cold to the touch. That can give you a rude awakening when you step on them first thing in the morning before your shower.

In contrast, wood takes much longer to cool down, meaning its temperature is more comfortable.


Similarly, many of these water-resistant materials become slippery when wet, which can lead to accidents after a bath or shower. However, wood is less slippery than glossy tiles, so you don’t have to worry about splashes of water on the floor.


Above all else, wood floor is impressively strong and durable. There’s no worry of it cracking like some bathroom tiles. Combine that with its timeless style and you could easily keep your bathroom’s wood floors for decades without the need for replacement.

Wood flooring for your bathroom

If you’re considering wood flooring in your bathroom, the team at Greyspace Flooring are always on hand to help. We have installed wood flooring in plenty of bathrooms over the years, with amazing results every time.

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