There is only one answer to the above question and this is ‘NO’ you should never use a steam mop on your hardwood flooring whether it is raw or finished.


Steam mops are very popular in most homes that have laminate, vinyl or tiled flooring. They do offer a thorough hygienic clean and they are fantastic for the above type of flooring, however steam mops are not suitable for use on any type of hardwood flooring. 


Due to the deep clean a steam mop offers, the moisture it lets off can actually penetrate the hardwood flooring and the wood will then absorb this moisture. When hardwood flooring is exposed to moisture, it can cause the wood to warp, discolour and distort. Damaging not only its appearance, but the fitting of the floor. If hardwood flooring is damaged due to steam mopping this is unrepairable and the only way to rectify the damage would be to replace the affected areas. 


Read on to learn how to correctly clean and maintain your hardwood floors so they last you a lifetime.

  1. Use a microfibre spray mop with a wood floor cleaner and a removal pad. The removable pad can then washed and re-used. We would advise have a couple of these on hand for those bigger spillages and cleaning jobs.
  2. A damp mop with diluted wood floor cleaning solution can also be used. However, ensure the mop has been well wrung out to prevent any excess water sitting on the floor. If the mop is too wet, this extra moisture will be absorbed by the flooring causing unrepairable damage.
  3. Daily maintenance is vital to prolonging the life of your hardwood flooring. Try to hoover daily, this will pick up any loose dirt and small stones, which if left and kicked about, can scratch and mark the flooring.
  4. Mop up any spillages or wet patches straight away, using a hardwood flooring cleaning solution and microfibre spray mop. Never use a steam mop, furniture polish or abrasive products on your hardwood flooring.


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