More than half of our clients are running busy family homes and we’re always asked what is the best flooring to suit this lifestyle.


When you have children and pets, the thoughts, won’t the floor get ruined? Will it last? Will be sure to cross your mind. Even with a busy home, you don’t have to compromise on the style of floor you desire.


You will need a durable and sturdy floor to meet the demands of this type of household and we would recommend engineered wood as the perfect choice.

What is engineered flooring made up of?

Engineered wood flooring can be made up of up to 11 layers of plywood, with a final layer of veneered hardwood glued on top to complete the finished look. 


Engineered wood is more eco friendly and efficient than solid wood, due to a much lower use of solid wood being used to create the product.


Engineered wood flooring, also offers more stability and is more resistant to environmental changes such as under-flooring heating than solid wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring can also come pre-finished, which makes the installation process quick and seamless. 


Why is engineered wood flooring better suited for busier households?


Due to the robust design of engineered wood floors, it means the flooring can easily withstand and meet the demand of the daily routine of a family home. Including, heavy foot traffic, spillages and pets.


Not only is engineered wood flooring durable and long-lasting, it is less susceptible to water damage.


It is also very easy to clean, a microfibre spray mop and wood floor cleaner, will bring the floor up like new each time. 


Can I opt for any extra protection for the flooring?


Absolutely, whether the engineered flooring is finished or pre-finished, you can request additional hard-wax oils and lacquers to be applied, these will provide an extra layer of protection against those potential daily accidents within the home. 


Choose what’s best for you

At Greyspace Flooring, we’re committed to helping our customers choose what’s best for them. Whether it’s a visit to our Sheffield showroom or an in-depth discussion by phone or email, we’ll take you through our vast range of beautiful wood flooring products with no pressure or sales pitches. Get in touch with us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

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