Random width flooring plank boards is a returning trend in the hardwood flooring industry. This style of flooring gives off a rustic vibe, looks luxurious and it is suitable for both residential households and commercial properties. It truly is a classic and unique style of flooring. 


Hardwood flooring laid in random width and lengths dates right back to the 1600’s when the boards were harvested from the logs, then transported straight to their intended new home. With all trees being different shapes and sizes and no state of the art equipment available that is easily accessible today, no plank boards were ever identical. 



As you will understand, Greyspace Flooring recognise the importance of sustainability, which is why we source and use sustainable wood for our hardwood flooring, that is FSC Certified. All hardwood flooring has many great benefits, such as being easy to maintain, added health benefits (for those with respiratory illnesses), however one of our favourite benefits of choosing random plank board is that due to their random widths and lengths much less timber is wasted from the harvested trees, making it even more sustainable than other wood flooring options. 


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