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The following guide applies to floors treated with traditional oils such as Bona Craft Oil or Bona 90/45, Bona Hardwax Oil and floors factory pre-finished with oil. For floors treated with varnish/lacquer please refer to Maintenance Guide For Wood Floors Finished With Lacquer.

Preventative Maintenance 

1. Matting should be kept clean and be large enough ideally to allow two steps across it to prevent dirt and grit being taken on to the floor.

2. Protectors should be used on chair legs and under heavy duty furniture such as pianos/sofas to prevent marking the surface.

An effective maintenance regime should consist of:

1. Dry Cleaning: Floors should be cleaned daily using dry cleaning methods, such as vacuum, scissor mop or soft broom. It is important to remove any abrasive particles of grit and dirt which may scratch the surface when trafficked under footwear, chair legs, and other items moved across the floor.

2. Damp cleaning: For larger/commercial floors soluble dirt should be removed by using diluted Bona Soap and a spray buff system or scrubber drier. Smaller/domestic floors can be cleaned using our ready to use Bona Wood Floor Cleaner/Bona Spray Mop. When using a buffing system the machine should be fitted with a tan pad. A red pad can be used on floors which are very dirty. Coarser pads should be avoided as they may damage the surface. All cleaning materials should be replaced periodically to ensure effective maintenance.

3. Ongoing Maintenance: Floors finished with traditional oil (Bona Craft Oil, Carls 90/45) should be maintained by buffing in Bona Care Oil and the frequency will depend upon the environment and how often the floor is used. In homes, once a year may be sufficient. Commercial areas may need treating once a month. To add further moisture resistance to a floor treated with traditional oils, the surface can also be treated with Bona Wax Oil Refresher.

Newly Finished Floor

One of the benefits of an oiled floor is that it can be put back in to use faster than a floor treated with lacquer. However, it is best to wait around 24 hours before putting the floor back in to full use or replacing heaving furniture etc in a busy commercial environment.

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